For this project, I was inspired by my love for Taoism and the beautiful symbols that have come out of the philosophy. I wanted to create a mod podge series of 3 sketches that encompassed what I had learned over the semester. For my first sketch, I created a class…

For this homework assignment, I used interactive arrays to create a particle system of wiggly spiders that ate flies. When you click the mouse, the spiders change color and the wings of the flies change. This project is currently a work in progress. I plan to add different bugs, probably change the background, and add a score/game interface (levels, start & game over page).

To create this game, I separated the primary elements necessary for a pong-like game: Tennis Ball, Paddle Movement, Paddle Collision, and Wall Collision.

  • For the paddle movement, I created a simple rect() then a function called keyPressed() that allows you to move the paddle with the left and right…

For my first sketch, I took a shot at recreating the sketch in the link above from szetlat’s Instagram page. To do this, I created a nested for loop with curved rectangles that change their widths and lengths as they rotate. I created two variables and used the map(), translate() and sin() functions to adjust the overlap of the rectangles and size transformations of the rectangles while they spin. I also made sure to offset the rotational speed of the rectangles to create that wave-like motion that runs through the design.

I then created 3 variations of this piece by playing with the parameters of the aforementioned functions.

For this assignment, I created a rudimentary game and interactive art sketch to demonstrate my knowledge of loops and conditionals.

Circle Loops

  • Used mouseX, mouseY, sin and cos to create a for loop that changes the circumference of circles as you move the mouse around.
  • Used an if statement for loop to create a gradient that changes the opacity and color of the circles in the design as you hold and cross the mouse over the middle of the canvas.

Ball Game

  • Used for loops to make a ball bounce around the inside of the screen.
  • Used mouseIsPressed() to trigger the change in color and increase in speed of the ball when you click on the center.

McClain Martensen

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